What is the volume and dimensions of a keg?

All kegs in Australia are 50 litres in volume. The dimensions of kegs vary slightly but are maximum 450mm diameter and 800mm high (tapped).

Do the kegs need to be chilled?

For small venues such as cafes, bars or restaurants it is not necessary for the kegs to be chilled providing the system has been designed for this fact. Large volume systems in pubs and clubs require refrigerated keg rooms.

Will the beer be all frothy and hard to pour?

ProTap design and install beer systems that pour perfectly every time with just the right amount of froth on a crisp clean beer.

Can you only dispense beer through the system?

We can dispense multiple products including chilled and carbonated water, wine, premixed cocktails, coffee and kombucha.

Do we work on existing systems or only install new ones?

We repair and service all existing beer systems and install new ones.