About Us

ProTap is a family owned Sydney based company specialising in the design, installation and servicing of draught beer systems in hotels, clubs, bars, restaurants, homes and offices.

Our managing director is Grant Taylor an industry veteran with over 35 years hands on experience in every aspect of beer dispensing. Grant worked at CUB for 15 years in customer service and project management before starting Pro Tap beer systems in 1996.

We provide prompt and professional service, backed up by comprehensive knowledge and experience to a range of customers from major breweries to home owners.

Our beer systems work perfectly and our experience means we get it right first time to provide you with an efficient and profitable beer system. Expertly designed and installed, easy to operate and maintain to serve crisp, clean and ice cold beer of the highest quality and minimum wastage.

Our website is designed to provide examples of our work in your customer category. We design each system individually to suit your venue, from a single tap at home to an 88 tap multi-storey pub. ProTap has the experience gained from 35 years in the trade to guarantee customer satisfaction.